Who is sleeping? No one thus everyone!

I am awake, and yet I am dreaming,

In my dream the matter and the spirit come into co-existence,

Form defines the formless and the formless breaks into grains of forms….

Quintessentially portraying the vividness of Mukesh’s imagery, this delves deeper into his practice. Born in 1974 Rajasthan, Mukesh has received UG-training in Painting from Rajasthan School of Art (1996) that provided him remarkable inspiration from Rajasthani Miniature Paintings, Frescos and Block-Printing of Sanganer that is prominently reflected in his art practice. He continued with his Post Graduation in Printmaking (1998) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda that added yet another layer to his practice. He works at the points of intersection between Painting, Printmaking and Large-Scale Spatial Installation.

Communicating a small-town inquiry in the context of the metropolis, he often takes his subject matter to the dynamics of the human and environmental relationships. Where many concerns collide like the proliferation of social media that often causes isolation, capitalist aspiration leading to disquietude and rapidly changing Heterotopias that are often disturbing, intense and contradictory.

Mukesh uses various ready-made materials and objects to synthesize them to clearly explicate a complex idea in a straightforward narrative. This process includes e-waste as a major element that also addresses issues around the consumerist culture of the disposable or the influence and impact of technology on the present human conditions. He endeavours to assimilate and juxtapose objects and colors in a compositionally valid way, aimed at giving meaning and strength to different aesthetic propositions.

Mukesh’s artistic ventures has been recognized at various national and international platforms. His mixed-media installation ‘PK Man and Spider Man’, shown at the India Art Fair(2015), A large-scale sculptural installation titled as ‘NAGRAJ’ included at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy (2014) and his participation in 5th Australian Print Symposium at the National Gallery of Australia (2004) are some of the milestones in his career. Alongside this, He has also received many awards, grants and fellowships from various bodies and institutions of standing and also participated in many residency programs within India and abroad. His works are in both public and private collections worldwide. Mukesh is now based in New Delhi, India and practices at his studio in Vasant Kunj.





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