Sustaining his enthusiasm for multi-media practices, Mukesh has been very experimental with various techniques of printmaking as well. Working solely on prints since his MFA programme in 1996 to his time at Jawahar Kala Kendra till 2007, Mukesh experimented with over-layering multiple plates, and editioning large- scale prints.

The vivid images in his prints are at the binary of past and present where his experiences of migration and nostalgia compiles into forms of his imagination that are full of colour, patterns and layers. Mukesh has worked in various techniques including; Viscosity, Etching, Wood-cut, Leno-cut, Silk-Screen and Chine-Colle but he has also used collages of digital prints. That merely are images of his surroundings, triggering his memory and appreciation for distinct culture & traditions. Mukesh thoroughly enjoys the process of printmaking, and welcomes accidents in the process. His later executions also remark installing some of his Chine-Colle prints into a fabricated kaleidoscopic computer converted into an aquarium. By this fabrication of technology with living fishes in the screen, Mukesh tries to reveal the mirage and struggles of life.

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