Usually being large in scale, Mukesh’s explorations for installation art majorly constructs from deconstructed elements such as discarded gadgets or e-waste that intervene into the idea of consumption in growing digital time. His choice of material itself raises dialogue for current disruptions in the name of globalization.

Re-constructing bit by bit, Mukesh’s assemblages grow very organically to finally greet you with large scale forms inspired by mythological stories, folklore, and rituals. The works elicit engagement between symbolism and objecthood and reference polarities between promised and denied in the quest for a better life. But his attention is also towards creating a niche for tradition that subtly uses design in his visual language. Silently dealing with socio-political aspects, Mukesh’s practice evolves with symbolic representations where circles are merely the life cycle and the recurring serpentine form that is, mostly made out of e-waste, somewhere represents the strangulation of humanity at the edge of technology.

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