Concept note
June 2014
Exhibition: This was part of INDIA The Revealed Mysteries Curated by Sandro Orlandi at Arsenale Nord, Venice Architecture Biennale; Venice, Italy

“NAGRAJ” is my exploration of the Indian myth of Sheshnag in its ancient context and its actualization in modern society. “Nagraj” found a very appropriate setting at Arsenale Nord, Gallery Tesa 92. With mark making on the gallery floor it felt that my installation had transcended geographical boundaries and acquired its own identity – that of a local myth so in keeping with the ones in Greek and Roman myths and sculptures that I am seeing all around me here.

For me “Nagraj” is a way to examine relationship between myth and genesis of a myth. And to speak for those traditions that are made redundant by consumer culture or simply by the circumstances of history. Rapid technology change and its outpourings alter the aesthetics of a society. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important for me as an artist to synthesize global visuals into a local vocabulary. “Nagraj” seated in its present location at in Venice, Italy fulfills that need for me.

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