In the age of industrialization, the idea of blossom is also becoming a plastic fantasy where sales of artificial grasses and flowers are grown and displayed for decorative purposes. I enquire to seek the beauty of blossom through materials involved in my practice. These visual explorations are also reminiscent of a gigantic tree at the center of my village, whose growing roots became an assembly point for the local folks. This draws comparison with the claustrophobic anxiety of city life with its ever growing skyscrapers and towers, that today act like congregation points.

The repeatedly painted circular forms are a metaphor for the circle of life and the coil-like form at the centre portrays the atrocities created by the human itself. These creations are also a revisit to the older one where the inkjet prints of installations are being used as a base for painting. The flatness of colors, the freshness of the gold leaf and meticulous arrangement of elements deliberate on the constructed artificialities of today’s times.

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