An architecture is simply a coherent structure that is purposely built for residing, where the old one has their own narratives and the rapidly constructing new ones intent to withhold a new vocabulary. Inordinately expanding technicalities, consumerist culture and social media connectivity has been impacting human relationships with each other as well as with the space. These observations on rapid technological advancement and its far reaching effects are instrumental in inducing changes in my aesthetic values and derives my creative impulse.

As everything is recreated and recycled in a cyclic order, it is also dealing with the force of creation. Delving deeper into this, the orbiting architectural clusters in my paintings are circular and appearingly very mechanical in its form. This fluid play of intricacies of minute details of architectural elements are mostly on the periphery of a circular space, sometimes their central part is covered with organic forms and other times it’s left blank like the hollowness left in times of technology.

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